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Welcome to the White House

In order to protect the president from mad bombers, we're considering the judicious use of stealth technology, however we're concerned about the limits this places on everyday citizens. Please let us know what you think of the idea.

  The President & Vice President:
Their accomplishments, their families, and how to send them electronic mail.
  What's New:
The President signs the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and we celebrate 24 Hours in Cyberspace.
  Interactive Citizens' Handbook:
Your guide to information and services from the Federal government.
  Social Security Reform:
The President proposes an overhaul of the Social Security system.
  The Virtual Library:
Search White House documents, listen to speeches, and view photos.
  The Briefing Room:
The President prefers these to boxers.
Because we like you.
  Executive Fan Mail:
Comments from you, the American people.



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