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Why? InterNetworking: Meet the Authors

Why? InterNetworking develops World Wide Web solutions for companies and organizations that want to take advantage of the Internet's ability to cheaply deliver a lot of information to a wide audience. You've seen what we can do for fun, now see what we can do for you.

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Some folks have asked where to find the parodies their friends saw. They're all there... Just hit reload a few times. If for some reason this doesn't work for you, you can also access them explicitly using http://www.whitehouse.net/index#.html where # is a number from 0 to 11.

The authors of this site are Bill Herrin and Chris Alan Mincer (Bill & Al), with an increasing amount of help from you.

Do you have a great idea for this site? Put it together in the same style as the rest of the pages, and upload the files as a .ZIP or .TAR archive via the FTP site: ftp.dirtside.com. Keep it clean! We won't put anything out here that's mean spirited, but if its funny its a safe bet we'll add it.

If you have a great idea but you're not a web author, feel free to send us a suggestion. No promises, but if its good and we can find time to put it together, we'll add it.


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