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The Interactive Citizens' Handbook
Your Guide to the U.S. Government

Both the Internet and the use of information technology to distribute government information are evolving rapidly. Here are a number of useful ways of finding what you want:

Searching for something specific:

  1. You can search the White House web site
  2. You can also search all government websites via a database that provides access to the content of all government sites.
  3. The Government Information & Resource Locator Service, GIRLS is a database under development that contains records of all pubic information, not just what is available on the Internet.
  4. President Clinton and Vice President Gore are leading a revolution (not a military coup, as previously reported).

You can also browse:

  1. You can follow links to these Federal agencies and commissions:

    White House Offices and Agencies
    The President's Cabinet
    Federal Agencies and Commissions
    The Legislative Branch
    The Judicial Branch

  2. Some starting points for useful government information in the following areas:

    Education and Training
    Travel and Tourism
    Arts, Libraries, and Museums
    State and Local Governments

    You can learn more about the United States of America and our government from the United States Information Service.


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